Rewakening is A 

Modification for Diablo 2: Lord Of Destruction

That Is In Constant Development


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The Mod Is Being Reworked Constantly, Eventually Almost Everything Will Be Changed To Fit The Profile Of What I Have In Mind For It. New Map Tiles Are Being Converted To Be Used Throughout The Mod, This Will Be In A Future Update. Look Around The Site If You Need Information About Anything Concerning Rewakening Mod. The Site Will Soon Have A Complete Listing Of All Items Added Plus All Of The Old Items From 1.14D.


Enjoy Playing Rewakening And Have Fun!

Recent News

26 February, 2020

Gem Bag's / Rune Bag's Coming Next Update

Cubable bags that are able to hold items are now finished and will be released next update. You just put the appropriate bag along with the proper item, into the cube and it basically just turns...
15 February, 2020

New Maps Coming

Well i have been busy with some level design just wanted to show off a preview coming in Alpha 0.4 Final. Rather leave a list of includes out in the future.... if gives people things to be excited...
7 February, 2020

Rewakening for 1.13c - D2SE And PlugY Package

A version has been packaged that is compatible with D2SE find it on the downloads page.
5 February, 2020

Still in Development

Been a few day's so i decided to post some progress. Website is quickly going up and as for in game updates content wise... UI has had quite a few update's coming in ALPHA 0.4 will be a...

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