Requirement & Build Info

Running On:

Currently Operating on D2 LOD Version 1.14D

And D2 LOD Version 1.13C With D2SE & PlugY

Re-wakening Build:

0.4 Pre-Release being tested

Lastest Re-Wakening Revision is 0.3 Alpha REV 2


Re-Wakening Mod

Re-Wakening Mod


Re-wakening Downloads

In order to play you will need Blizzard's newest software, which if you do not already have it you can purchase it here:

»     Purchase D2 & D2 LOD


If you already have Diablo 2 LoD installed Follow One of the Two Steps Below.



This is the version below you download if using Blizz's NEWEST Software the 1.14b installers. You need to do a fresh install of 1.14b update it to 1.14d and then copy this package below into the D2 directory.

»     Download Re-wakening Alpha 0.4 For Diablo 2 LOD 1.14D - Use This With The New 1.14b Installers!!



Download this version below to use with D2SE and if also Using Blizz's OLDER Software.  just extract the package into your MODS directory and run D2SE.

»     Download Rewakening Alpha 0.4 For Diablo 2 LOD 1.13C - D2SE